Worms is a very early single made by A.D.I.M.A.H. for their first demo tape in 2000. It was written by all five members of the band. It wasn't released as a commercial single, but a music video was made for it as a test project by Jim Morales, which he uses for his 2016 single Down To the Wire.

Structure Edit

At the time, the band was rooted in the powerviolence genre, taking influence from the likes of Cattle Decapitation. The verses are delivered slowly, and portions without lyrics are done at a fast pace, giving the song an eerie vibe. Toward the bridge, Trina makes primal noises (referencing a wolf) and at the end, Amy slams her drumsticks on the edge of the snare drum (which often led to them breaking)

Lyrics Edit

[light footsteps are heard]

[verse 1]

Protective skin depletes

Quadruple now lacks a need

Vulnerable to everything

What was I, can't even think


Trees made of glass and steel

Burns and chills when I feel

Vision cut off when on sight

Unprotected by the night

[verse 2]

Why do you bear no pelt?

What do you fear?

Blind to the world?

Should've stayed behind


[bridge spoken word]

What is that? What's squirming around? I can't stand it, they go boundless while I'm forever restricted, I won't take it.

[primal sounds]


Music Video Edit

The video starts with a parody of a nature documentary, where Jim is telling the viewer about a wolf that turned into a human female and how it's assessing its situation. The rest of the video centers around the woman adapting to her human form, only for her primal urges to arise once she comes in contact with worms. The band performs the song in a backyard, littered with debris, a vandalized shed and two vandalized trailers (said footage is shot with a wide angle lens), and it features the members in the city running from something (shot with a fish eye lens). The band footage is show in color/sepia tone while the story footage is shot in black and white. The video ends with the woman turning back into the wolf and retreating back to the woods as the band dies in various ways (Trina gets hung, Chelsea gets shot in the head, Darlie descends off of the ledge of a balcony, Amy sinks to the bottom of the ocean and Ashley is burned alive.)

The video is notable for featuring the easiest appearances of the band. At the time, Trina had brown hair and sported a cowgirl hat, Chelsea wore a wasp mask (taking inspiration from Roland Carter (of the The Faculty)'s costume), Darlie wasn't wearing her hoodie, Amy wore face paint (which would soon become a regular thing for the band between 2002 and 2004) and Ashly had her hair undone . After How Could You Mind if You Don't Have One?, Trina Riffin dyed her hair pink and Darlie Barton adopted her signature hoodie.