Vide by SEI Pictures

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The video uses elements from David Lynch's Eraserhead and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The opening scene features the main protagonist (parodying Henry Spencer) floating in a black void whilst a worm enters his mouth. When the chanting ends, we see the man wandering aimlessly in a deserted industrial city before going to his apartment to look at his radiator. Intercut is Darryl Costanzo mouthing the lyrics (taking on the role of the lady in the radiator). It then features the protagonist wandering in a disorientating field full of dead flowers. As the song climaxes, the scenery vanishes and the protagonist falls, calling back to the first scene. He lands in a black hole, and the scene cuts to pencils getting carried on a conveyer belt (referencing Henry Spencer's head getting used to make erasers). The worm from the start of the video enters a tight passageway, and it cuts to a woman who's about to give birth. Near the end of the video, she gives birth to a baby with the man's likeness. The video concludes with The Man in the Planet mouthing the chanting as the scenery dims.