Think is an early EP by Snow.

About the EP Edit

The concept of the EP was deeply rooted in regards to Kurt Cobain. The artwork features a man shooting himself in the head (which prevented labels from agreeing to distribute the album). The final track features the sound of a gun getting loaded before ending on the sound of someone shooting it. Along with influences from Kurt Cobain, there's influence from Pearl Jam as well. Ten Vs. Vitalogy is a reference to three albums from Pearl Jam and it features a mix between at least one song that appeared on each album, while Nothing Southern combines Nothingman with the lyrics to Southern Man by Neil Young. Nothing Southern turned up on Wonder, while the remaining songs have yet to resurface.

Track Edit

  1. Melting Under the Lights (2:37)
  2. Ten Vs. Vitalogy (3:44)
  3. Nothing Southern (4:56)
  4. Mercy (1:34)
  5. The End (0:27)