A school project made in an unknown year that pays homage to the original music video by Chevelle.

Video Edit

The video features a group of students (of varying ages) watching a TV that features a teenaged boy who mouths the lyrics. The boy appears to be floating around a dark room doing various things (with rapid cuts to a disfigured man with e fearful expression on his face). There're cuts to the students who progressively become more agitated overtime, along with a student who's blankly watching the TV. As the song reaches the climax, we get glimpses of how the students are handling the situation, with some feeling trapped and even afraid. It culminates with the students fighting and killing one another. The video ends with the boy facing the screen and finishing the song while the other student watches, unfazed by what happen. The TV cuts to static and we pan back to see the dead bodies of the students.

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