The Double Team are an Antarctican music duo consisting of Sam Jones (born April 17, 1995) and Kieran Walsh (born May 3, 1995) who are best known for becoming the second winners of the second season of reality television show The CP Factor. They are currently signed to Club Penguin Music Records and have released 2 albums so far.


Jon and Rob met at College in 2011 when they became roommates. They got on really well and found out that they both shared the same interests including video games, movies and even music. During his senior year, Zambrano got expelled from the College for being involved in a fight that injured another. Walsh graduated two months later, and moved in with Rob Zambrano back in their hometown of Finestade. They began to make more music and after 18 months, they decided to sign up for The CP Factor.


2015: The CP FactorEdit

When they first auditioned for the show, they sang "Schoolhouse" and got a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges. They were put through to bootcamp after getting 4 yeses.

At Bootcamp, they found out that their mentor would be Sam Rudi. Knowing that he would be a tough judge to really impress, they decided to think very seriously about their song choices. They decided to sing "Ice In The Rough" by Labrinth ft. Emile Sande. Again, they got a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges. Sam Rudi decided to give them one of the 6 chairs saying that their performance was "beautifully brilliant".