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The third season of The CP Factor was confirmed on December 24, 2015.



Light Green - Winner
Pink - Runner-up
Light Blue - Third Place
Yellow- Another Place

Category (mentor) Acts
Boys (Gonzalez) Ross Johnson Sam Norris Kendall Hutcherson Nick Jost! Ken Redding
Girls (Meaghan) Lucy Velvet Mabel Turner Ashley Longfellow Patricia Davis Kitty Kit!
Over 25s (Rudi) Mel Griffith Frank Bushrod Brandin Jacobs Will Anderson Oxipie Sniper!
Groups (Dancing Penguin) Axel Powers Kings of Arctic The Difference Rough Road! Counting Crowns

! means they were eliminiated in the suprise twist.

Live ShowsEdit

The live shows began on August 13, 2016. Each week's song choice follow a particular theme. Each contestant performs on Saturday while eliminations and guest performances take place on Sunday. The results are announced on Sunday, with the bottom two contestants being announced and then judges choosing which of the two to eliminate after the contestants perform another song of their choice (the final showdown). If the judges' votes are tied, the vote goes to deadlock and the contestant with the fewest viewer votes is eliminated. The results show features a group performance by the remaining contestants and guest live performances. Each results show featured musical performances from at least one artist, while occasionally, artists performed on the main performances show.

Week 1 (13/14 August)Edit

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
Mabel Turner 1 "I Want It That Way" Safe
Axel Powers 2 "Perfect" Safe
Sam Norris 3 "Can't Stop the Feeling!" Safe
Will Anderson 4 "Never Forget" Safe
Rough Road 5 "One Day" Eliminated
Lucy Velvet 6 "Lollipop" Safe
Frank Bushrod 7 "Hero" Safe
Nick Jost 8 "Life Is A Highway" (Tom Cochrane Version) Eliminated
The Difference 9 "We Will Rock You" Safe
Mel Griffith 10 "Thnks fr th Mmrs" Safe
Ashley Longfellow 11 "American Boy" Safe
Kings of Arctic 12 "Sing" Safe
Patricia Davis 13 "Hey Jude" Safe
Ross Johnson 14 "Cold Water" Safe
Kendall Hutcherson 15 "Dark Necessities" Safe
Brandin Jacobs 16 "Marry You" Safe
Kitty Kit 17 "All About That Bass" Eliminated
Oxipie Sniper 18 "Ghostbusters" Eliminated
Counting Crowns 19 "You Are Not Alone" Safe
Ken Redding 20 "Grow Up" Safe

Judges' votes to eliminate

  • Gonzalez: Rough Road, because he was mulling over The Difference or Rough Road but he thought The Difference had a better chance of succeeding in the music industry.
  • Meaghan: Jost, thought that his star quality wasn't even showing in him.
  • Rudi: Kit, based off of her "lousy" performances.
  • Dancing Penguin: Oxipie Sniper, because he hated his perfomance in general.

On August 10th, Sam Rudi confirmed on Chitter that there would be a twist for the first live show that the contestants would have to be prepared for. The surprise was revealed at the start of the first live show it is up to not the popular vote but to the mentors to eliminate one act for each mentor (Which makes 4 acts eliminated each episode.). It was the possibility why there were 20 contestants instead of 16.

Week 2 (20/21 August)Edit

Contestants' performances on the second live show
Act Order Song Result
Mel Griffith 1 "Hall of Fame" Safe
Kendall Hutcherson 2 "Breaking Up and Down" Safe
Ashley Longfellow 3 "Angels" Safe
Frank Bushrod 4 "Fight For Love"
Bottom Two
Counting Crowns 5 "We Will Be Mighty Again" Safe
The Difference 6 "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" Safe
Sam Norris 7 "Say You Won't Let Go" Safe
Patricia Davis 8 "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" Safe
Axel Powers 9 "I'll Stand by You" Safe
Kings of Arctic 10 "No Matter What" Safe
Ken Redding 11 "Try a Little Tenderness" Safe
Lucy Velvet 12 "Dance with Me Tonight" Safe
Ross Johnson 13 "Just Believe In Yourself" Safe
Mabel Turner 14 "You and I (Nobody in the World)" Safe
Brandin Jacobs 15 "Take a Chance on Me" Safe
Will Anderson 16 "Hopeful"
Bottom Two
Sing-off details
Will Anderson 1 "Baby" Eliminated
Frank Bushrod 2 "Complicated" Safe

Judges' votes to eliminate:

  • Gonzalez: Bushrod, backed his own act, Will Anderson.
  • Meaghan: Anderson, felt that Frank Bushrod would sell more records.
  • Rudi: Anderson, backed his own act, Frank Bushrod.
  • Dancing Penguin: Anderson, felt that Bushrod had a better chance of succeeding in the music industry.

Week 3 (27/28 August)Edit

Contestants' performances on the third live show
Act Order Song Result
Frank Bushrod 1 Stay with Me Safe
Brandin Jacobs 2 When I Was Your Man Safe
Kings of Arctic 3 Writing on the Wall Safe
Axel Powers 4 Any Way you Want It Safe
Mel Griffith 5 24K Magic Safe
Mabel Turner 6 Cool For The Summer Safe
Lucy Velvet 7 Dangrous Woman Safe
Sam Norris 8 I Will Wait Safe
Ross Johnson 9 Domino Safe
Ken Redding 10 I Wan't You Back Safe
Ashley Longfellow 11 Jump
Bottom Two
Kendell Hutchinson 12 Shut Up and Dance Safe
Counting Crowns 13 The Man Who Can't Be Moved Safe
Patricia Davis 14 Come and Get It Safe
The Difference 15 Sing
Bottom Two
Sing-off details
The Difference 1 Unsteady Safe
Ashley Longfellow 2 My Boo Eliminated

Judges' votes to eliminate:

  • Gonzalez: Longfellow, said that The Difference's performance was too good to let him go.
  • Meaghan: The Difference, backed her own act; Ashley Longfellow.
  • Rudi: Longfellow, said that The Difference had more potential.
  • Dancing Penguin: Longfellow, backed his own act; The Difference.

Week 4 (September 3/4)Edit

Contestants' performances on the fourth live show
Act Order Song Result
The Difference 1 Drive
Bottom Two
Ross Johnson 2 Three Reasons Safe
Mabel Turner 3 Bring Me to Life Safe
Frank Bushrod 4 Butterflies Safe