Suicide Times Ten (Hell's On the Way) is a hidden bonus track on Snow's second major LP Wonder. The track could only be accessed by waiting through five minutes of silence after the final track on the album.

Song Structure Edit

The song samples The B.I.M. Hour, a track that appeared on the 1980 musical film The Apple. The original track featured the band members (and other individuals) repeating "Hey hey hey! Hell's on the way!" for the duration of the song, only to conclude with the sound of a shotgun getting loaded and fired in the last few seconds.

After the track gained some notoriety, the band remade the song and included more lyrics, this time detailing the decline of society and the slow demise of musical creativity.

Music Video Edit

The video was shot in Memphis, Tennessee, and it featured the band, and their fans who previously took part in a contest to appear as extras in the video. Re-enacting a scene in The Apple involving the start of "The B.I.M. Hour", the band and the others stop what they're doing and they begin to dance whilst chanting "Hey hey hey! Hell's on the way!". The video concludes as everyone resumes doing what they were doing prior, as if nothing had happened.