This video was made by former Black Sedan Members to protest YouTube's censorship policy. It was removed a day after by the staff.

Video Edit

The video starts with a shot of a young girl laying on a spider web, intercut with panning shots of a dirt field (in front of a vandalized apartment building) set in sepia tone and Darryl Costanzo sitting in a dark room, with only the lower part of his face made visible by a low glowing candle. As the song builds up, it shows Chad Dickson, Ken Redgrove and Justin Cavilero playing in the dirt field, wearing Guy Fawkes masks. When the song dies down, it cuts to the girl awaking and going outside. She witnesses a group of men walking in synchronization (whilst quick flashes show them to be robotic with microchips in the middle of their skulls. The girl is captured and after more shots of the band are shown, it cuts to a series of tubes, containing various individuals while the girl is getting experimented on. As we continue to cut to the tubes, we see that the individuals appear weaker and malnourished. As the song reaches the final buildup, the rest of Darryl's face is revealed, with tubes extending out the back of his head, his face appearing bloated (covered in red and white paint. Lastly, we cut back to the dirt field, the band members have disappeared, and a spider is crawling on the unconscious body of the girl. As we zoom closer to her face, her eyes open, revealing the same soulless ones as the men seen prior. Darryl blows out the candle, leaving the video in darkness.