Sick is the first single by Snow. It originally appeared on their first EP, and it was included un-altered in their debut album.

Structure Edit

The song features quiet instrumentation (mostly done through Olan Sume's bass), before Kirk Hibbert joins in with a light drum portion. Aaron Saltz's guitar work is mostly distorted and features palm muting and infrequent usage of the whammy bar, something that would soon become a defining trait in future songs by Snow. The song gets progressively heavier and more intense as it progresses, and it culminates in Jerry Watts letting out a 14 second scream.

Meaning Edit

The song was written by Saltz when he was in the hospital, following a car accident. He was kept in there for much longer than the doctors claimed he had been and he was on the verge of a mental breakdown. The song centers around a man rambling about a supposed illness. As the song progresses, the man seems to fall into insanity and during the bridge, he begins to murder people around him. At the very end of the song, a gunshot is heard, along with police sirens.

Music Videos Edit

Two videos were made for the song.

The first video featured the band performing in the middle of a pile of broken TVs, and was shot in sepia tone. The second video had a story line that followed the song and included clips of the band performing in a pool house.