Saturday is the closing track to Open Access. It is considered to be Black Sedan's signature song. Saturday is a collaboration between Black Sedan and Backstabber, where the latter's frontman and rhythm guitarist appear on the track.

Song Meaning Edit

The song deals with a man who seeks to escape his banal life by smoking weed. He makes claims that the weed is the only thing that helps him when he truly needs it. Thought the song, there're references to robberies and attacks done by the protagonist, which conclude with him going to prison and getting high before his weed is confiscated. On the album, the song is paired with No Connection, an early song made when Darryl Costanzo was part of Lou Faland and Space Kill.

Music Video Edit

The video was directed by Chad Dickson. The video details a man (Corey Haim) who smokes weed. He is oblivious to everything that's happening around him while smoking (such as a tree falling and crashing into his bedroom). Black Sedan, Roger Klotz and Lars Anderson could be seen performing inside of a lava lamp while wearing green and white clothing.