Rent Me is Backstabber's second studio album.

Cover Artwork Edit

This was the first album to feature the band's mascot, XeGolm. The front cover features her standing in front of a grotesque background. In the back of the cover, it shows her from the backside. A group of Chinese characters appear on the bottom right corner of the album, and when translated, it reads "WAIT FIFTY FUCKING SECONDS". It's meant to instruct listeners how to access the disc's bonus track.

Song Information Edit

The album is considered by the band to be a concept album surrounding the fictional backstory of their mascot. (718) features a phone call between a man and a nurse, with the man claiming his wife is going into labor. It's an Atrocity details the birth and the family disowning their child after they see it has the head of a fly. Island of Poison takes place a few years after the previous track, where the fly girl works at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Suicidal Takeover features a group of thugs vandalizing the gas station and forcing her out of it. Boom Chaka Boom has no connection to the story, save for its music video. I Know This Guy centers around the girl attempting to become normal by visiting a seemingly generous doctor, before she realizes that he conned her for sex. What They Said details the fly girl getting mocked and tormented by nearly everyone. Come Out centers on a group of her attackers taunting her and trying to get her to come outside so they could kill her. In Thick Rags, she grows out of her human body and becomes a monster (Thick Rags refers to her skin getting torn apart during the transformation) You Should've Looked Away features her killing her enemies before supposedly shooting herself. The Aftermath? is a synth piano ditty. According to linear notes, the girl composed it herself (it was composed by Darryl Costanzo.)

Bonus Track Edit

A bonus track appears on the album, and it could only be accessed if you wait fifty seconds after the final track concludes. The track features an alternate take of "Thick Rags", which lacks Roger's vocals and Lars' guitar work. The audio sounds more gruesome and the dialogue sounds more pained.

Track Listing Edit

  1. (718) (0:57)
  2. It's an Atrocity! (1:08)
  3. Island of Poison (3:15)
  4. Suicidal Takeover (4:05)
  5. Boom Chaka Boom (4:12)
  6. I Know This Guy (3:21)
  7. What They Said (4:08)
  8. Come Out (3:32)
  9. Thick Rags (1:03)
  10. You Should've Looked Away (3:06)
  11. The Aftermath? (3:04)