Pork'n'Sense is the final studio album by Black Sedan. It's a cover album that features covers of songs from popular grunge/metal artists. The album has spawned two singles, Torn, Control and Tolerate.

Artwork Edit

The cover art features a still from an episode of Invader Zim (Gaz, Taster of Pork). The band was hosting a cover art contest, and an anonymous contestant sent them the still from an Australian airing of the episode. The name of the album is sourced from a quote from the episode "But it's a hotdog, so that makes sense."

Track Listing Edit

  1. Go (3:12) (Pearl Jam)
  2. The Day I Tried to Live (5:12) (Soundgarden)
  3. Hunger Strike (4:06) (Temple of the Dog)
  4. Torn (6:25) (Creed)
  5. Spiders (3:35) (System of a Down)
  6. Control (3:51) (Puddle of Mudd)
  7. Comedown (5:26) (Bush)
  8. Old Enough (2:47) (Nickelback)
  9. What Do I Have to Do? (4:06) (Stabbing Westward)
  10. Tolerate (4:38) (Staind)
  11. Forty 6 & 2 (6:03) (Tool)
  12. Losing my Religion (4:27) (R.E.M.)
  13. No One (3:18) (Cold)
  14. Shelf in the Room (4:43) (Days of the New)