Playback is the lead single from A.D.I.M.A.H.'s newest release DiRT. It is one of three tracks available on the album's pre-release on iTunes.

Meaning Edit

The song was written by Ashley Morrow and Darlie Barton, based on an experience the two had when they were younger. Darlie's parents were obsessed with getting their VCR to work in order to watch home movies, neglecting everything else they promised to do with the girls. It lambasts individuals who place the past in a higher priority than the present and believe things were better back then.

Music Video Edit

The video features a family tampering with a VCR. As the video progresses, the children in the family are neglected and clearly malnourished. Desperate, the kids destroy the VHS and they kill the parents, eating them in the process. Meanwhile, the band is seen performing in what appears to be a dungeon. The video ends with the screen cutting out, resembling a VHS effect.

Trivia Edit