Old Bitch is an early single released from A.D.I.M.A.H.'s second EP Cordial. It was their first commercial release. Individual releases went under the name of La Rocha.

Structure Edit

At this time, the band has adopted nu metal influences into their music. The band has taken inspiration from Mr. Bungle and Disturbed for this song.

Meaning Edit

The song centers on a girl who lives with her abusive grandmother and puts up with physical assault on a daily basis. She takes her frustration out on her older sister before killing both individuals. The song mentions Fred Durst, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Zack De La Rocha by their last names near the end of the song, in an allegory for naturally stupid people. None of them have responded in regard to this.

Music Video Edit

Keeping with the theme of the song, it centers around a girl who lives with her abusive grandmother and resorts to violence and drug abuse to counter the torment she goes through. Intercut is the band performing in a vandalized gymnasium with washed out colors. The video ends with the girl's sister following in her roots and killing the grandmother.

This is the last video to feature the band in their original appearance. It was altered once they've begun recording Anger Evocation Seminar.