Nothing Personal is an early EP by A.D.I.M.A.H., released in 2000 through Satan's Pimp. The tracks on the album were written by each member of the band, detailing moments when they were at their angriest.

Artwork Edit

The artwork contained a picture of a young boy creepily grinning. According to Rita Hall, she and a bulk of the band members knew the boy from their school. The photo used for the EP was actually a mistake. The boy was very shy and he wound up giving a very awkward smily that looked disturbing. The band wanted to use a new picture, but Trina told them to use what they had because it fit with the theme of the EP.

Song Meanings Edit

My Life, In Black was written by Ashley Kester . It details a period in her life when she was a goth girl. In the song, it references an incident where a group of her friends attempted to re-enact the Guyana mass suicide and how she could've died, had it not been for her getting arrested for using counterfeit bills. This is the slowest track on the album, and it features various spoken word lines. Trina only sings in the chorus.

Just This Once was written by Chelsea Keezheekoni and her interactions with a band she was formerly affiliated with. They pressured her into drinking whisky and she became an alcoholic. Upon taking part in a frat party, she suffered from alcohol poisoning and was on the verge of death, but thankfully survived. Near the end of the song, a 12 second soundbite of someone vomiting is heard. It also includes a reference to John Bonham, the drummer for Led Zeppelin who died after going through a similar fate.

Steal From Me was written by Trina Riffin. It details the various instances where her diary was stolen by her brother. It also talks about how her brother unintentionally destroyed her life by causing her anger to overcome her, which she took out on unsuspecting individuals.

Identity Crisis was written by Darlie Barton. It deals with her relationship with her then boyfriend, and how it altered her way of thinking. This is further touched upon when Wendy hits a man while driving, and the boyfriend hides the body. Following the incident, she surrendered to the authorities and spent a week in jail.

Scissors was written by Amy Gillis. It details her interactions with one of her old friends when she was five. Her friend intentionally humiliated Amy and the latter learned that her friend never truly cared about her at all. Infuriated, she drove a pair of scissors into the friend's arm.

There's also a hidden bonus track which features the band prank calling their local Taco Bell. It could be heard after listening to two minutes of silence.

Track Listing Edit

  1. My Life, In Black (5:02)
  2. Just This Once (5:01)
  3. Steal From Me (5:10)
  4. Identity Crisis (5:04)
  5. Scissors (5:11)
  6. Hidden Bonus Track (4:00)