Midnight Thunder Greatest Hits
Midnight Thunder
Released February 24, 2017
Recorded February 23,2017
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Length TBA
Label G.R.O.S.S. Records
Producer Jackson Kelley
Midnight Thunder Greatest Hits is the first album released by Midnight Thunder. All songs were written by Jackson Kelley.


  1. The Real Party Song (3:14)
  2. We Rule Middle School (3:40)
  3. Drop Da Bomb (1:28
  4. Silent G (0:38)
  5. Special Girl (0:39)
  6. Sign Me Up (0:57)
  7. 1-555-7-Blue SUCKS!
  8. Speedsters SUCKS! (2:19)
  9. Sex Turban (1:58)
  10. The Ultimate Medley (3:05)
  11. Break of Dawn (2:15)
  12. The Loverboy Song (3:15)
  13. The Revenge Song (2:46)
  14. The Boxman (song)  (4:42)
  15. Bugsy Malone Rap (feat. Logan Leal) (3:34)


  • There were a few other songs that Kelley wrote,but scrapped them,saying they were "just plain idiotic". Some of these include the Watch Dogs 2 Rap,Day Out,and Ode to Midnight Thunder.

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