Midnight Thunder Greatest Hits is the first album released by Midnight Thunder. All songs were written by Jackson Kelley.


  1. The Real Party Song (3:14)
  2. We Rule Middle School (3:40)
  3. Drop Da Bomb (1:28
  4. Silent G (0:38)
  5. Special Girl (0:39)
  6. Sign Me Up (0:57)
  7. 1-555-7-Blue SUCKS!
  8. Speedsters SUCKS! (2:19)
  9. Sex Turban (1:58)
  10. The Ultimate Medley (3:05)
  11. Break of Dawn (2:15)
  12. The Loverboy Song (3:15)
  13. The Revenge Song (2:46)
  14. The Boxman (song)  (4:42)
  15. Bugsy Malone Rap (feat. Logan Leal) (3:34)


  • There were a few other songs that Kelley wrote,but scrapped them,saying they were "just plain idiotic". Some of these include the Watch Dogs 2 Rap,Day Out,and Ode to Midnight Thunder.

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