(yLie to Me is the first single from A.D.I.M.A.H.'s debut album, Anger Evocation Seminar.

Meaning Edit

The song centers on false hope and denial. Keeping with the theme of the album, it's based upon a counselor telling his patients that they'll be fine, when he doesn't know the full extent of their problem.

Structure Edit

This song is notable for its frequent tempo changes. The first section is fast paced and features spoken word lines, but after the chorus, it slows slightly and changes its tune. Finally, after the next chorus, the song plays slower throughout the bridge before becoming fast again.


[Verse 1]

A typical life I live

Deviation does not exist

Follow the arranged path

I wrought my own wrath

Lie to me

What you want me to see.

Eyes on manmade possibility

A way out what

I would never wish

[verse 2]

I want to be

Shot on TV

Death by hubris

Evaluation dismissed

Humans everywhere

Cannot comprehend

Humans everywhere

Claim they understnad

(I sure aint in control here)

[verse 3]

I never got suspended

I always did my part

I was never arrested

Though there was a good time to start

Never strayed from the pavement

I'd sink into the break

Everyday I see my mother

So she could make my next mistake

[instrumental riff]

[gun shot]

(out with the old, you know)

Music Video Edit

The video is the first of many A.D.I.M.A.H. videos to feature use of CGI. The scenery changes with every tempo alteration It starts with a series of flames that form into the band. It then cuts to the band performing the song against a series of shipwrecks, then in a classroom and lastly in a field. Throughout the video, there're cuts to a young girl who gets verbally abused by her teacher, and it ends with the girl ramming a pencil into the teacher's trachea.