Jackson Copeland Kelley is the current lead singer for Midnight Thunder.


Jackson was born on June 17,2004 in Providence,Rhode Island. As a child, he moved a lot. He decided to catch some animals as friends,mainly because he was an outcast. 

Kelley moved to Seattle in 2008. Not much was known from that point,because he was very personal about it.

He then moved to Montana in 2009. He had made his first real friends there, before he moved again in 2010.

In 2011, he moved to Colorado and resides there with all the animals he caught. In sixth grade, he decided to get into music, so at a sleepover with his friends, he convinced his friends to start a band by the name of Elite Lazers, however he changed the name to what is now Midnight Thunder.

In seventh grade, he put together the band's first album, Midnight Thunder Greatest Hits. Then Payton Frisch challenged him to a basketball game and Kelley lost, causing the band to fold. Later, he recruited a couple of his roommates to reunite Midnight Thunder, and they've been rocking ever since.