Jack and Steve are a EDM-pop duo consisting of Jack Andrews (born January 13th, 1993) and Steve Aoki (born September 26th, 1993). They entered the first season and got three yeses from the judges and were put through to the next round of the competition. They made it to Bootcamp and Dancing Penguin decided to give them one of the 6 seats. They made it to Judges Houses and were one of the 4 Groups chosen to be in the live shows. They made it to the final against Michael Pengy and Chris Star and won the show on October 12th, 2014. Unfortunately, they did not win the season. However, they were signed to Club Penguin Music Records and have an album released already. They have released 6 singles so far, with 2 more coming in late 2016.


Andrews and Aoki first met at high school on September 23, 2007 and quickly became best friends. They would hang out with each other almost everyday. They would play video games, watch TV and just have fun. Then in January 2010, they both discovered each other's taste for music. They decided to form a music duo and call it "Jack and Steve" (or J.A.S) for short. They didn't gain much popularity and they wanted to change that. Somewhere in 2014, they found out about The CP Factor and decided to sign up for it.