It Feels Good to Be Right is the debut single from the Oregon based alternative metal group Wisdom Tree. It turned up on the band's 1997 EP Pressed back when they were a punk rock group, but after realizing the following it has garnered, the band remixed it for their 1999 debut album Gist.

Origin Edit

The song came about when the members graduated from Jr. High. Frontman Robbie Valentino was involved in a conversation regarding what career he wanted to pursue in the future after learning that his friends were going into accounting. He then received an offer at a used car lot due to his interest in old cars. Valentino juggled between that and his personal affairs, but felt more inclined to take the job because he felt that that's what his family would've wanted, and that if he didn't find a career option soon he would risk being unable to move on. It wasn't until he realized that the owner was arrested on drug charges that he made the right choice in holding off on the deal.

The core of the song is the cathartic feeling of being right about doing something that seems unconventional and people who would seem to disagree actually share the sentiments felt by the person.

Lyrics Edit

The light of opportunity beacons to me

But I bear the plague of reluctancy

Am I just pursuing a false destiny?

I could've been a winner from the face to the bone

I could've found a place right out of my home

Loneliness is an always ticking metronome


Should I be good?

Should I be right?

Will I ever have the chance to sleep good at night?

(end chorus)

Make a lot of friends to make a safety net

But how far would that let me get?

Nothing beats the sting of pure regret

Is it always wise to take it slow

Or should I act on it from the get-go

Hatred like humans it'll always grow



In local news, Luke Fuchs was convicted on assault charges and meth possession. Sources say that minors were recruited in the hopes that they would take the fau-

(end bridge)

I no longer have to gaze into the unknown

Maybe now the inner demons will leave me alone

I no longer have to swoon over my phone

It feels good to be right


(fade out)

Music Video Edit

The music video for the song parodies the 1980 film Used Cars. Valentino takes on Kurt Russel's role as he ventures through a used-car lot, disguising the damages of the cars present. The other bandmates are present and are wearing comical drag.

The video was banned from airing in the United Kingdom due to scenes of gratuitous nudity and the closing scene where a corgi winks to the camera as it gets crushed by the wheel of a station wagon the band members drive away in.