It's All In Vein is a song by A.D.I.M.A.H., that appeared on Majority Rules.

Meaning Edit

The song is about celebrity excess and how said celebrities would drive themselves to their own demise just by following their lifestyle. The beginning portion was a quote made by John Wink (performing a faux-Australian accent) of The Faculty, which was heard on Trina's answering machine. He made it while he was under the influence and he forgot about it until it was brought up before the song was sent to play on the radio.

Lyrics Edit

(Unknown Australian Man's Voice)

Yeah so, I heard from the grapevine that you were that into me.

I just want you to know that I-

Wait, who's this?

Aw S---!

[verse 1]

The white coats made my day

Cuffs cut off my veins

Drink what's in the flask

Don't care what shall remain


I know who you are

But you face tells me different

Another old cog

In the machine of life

[verse 2]

When you came into my world

You ceased being omnipresent

Huddled in a bright-ass cage

(just go right in)

Pleas for release don't break distance

Signed your warrant for your arrest

Yet you act like you're innocent

But you are just another motherf---ing cause.

[chorus x2]


You sit and wait for

Glorified welfare

You ask me to taste

What you just wasted

Drive your venom into my mind

Just to suffer for eternity

You'll never get to know peace

Only sovereignty

[chrous 2x]

[Jim Morales dialogue]

Hello person, it's Jim. I miss you. What was twelve years feels like twelve minutes that play back every twelve seconds. See you in an hour.

Music Video Edit

The video features the band traveling to Los Angeles, stalking and beating a generic pop singer whilst there. It includes facial distortion (ala Black Hole Sun) and cuts to stop-motion scenes featuring a desolate mountain home (the band performs the song inside) with rats and insects crawling out of a hole in a bottle of bleach. At the end of the video, the band members turn into dogs and run towards the house.