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I'm Not a Robot is the lead single from A.D.I.M.A.H.'s third official LP Don't Stop. It is considered by fans to be their signature song. It was going to appear on Majority Rules, but it was scrapped before it could be put on that album.

Meaning Edit

The song centers on those who are forcibly bound by society's rules. They are lambasted for operating differently and are forced to do what the majority does.

Video Edit

The video centers on the band wandering through an abandoned industrial town. They walk on the same patch of land throughout most of the song (we learn that the sidewalk they're on is actually a conveyor belt.) The video ends as the band gets soaked after a car drives over a puddle, which makes the bands electrocute and explode.

Lyrics Edit

I was born on an assembly line

At least that's how they make it sound

Want me to come over?

Must clear it with my superior

Why immerse in company

All I need is my work

Don't break the cycle

It'll stain your life

Already got a job

I'm there once my eyes open

Shut reality's blinds

New ideas are forbidden

I would never think that way

A pink card'd cut my skin

Your folks will drive you nuts

With extra salt

They fucked you up so much

Wet and dry

Flat colors make me up

Those that stand out are corrupt

I have no reason to turn

Less I want my skin to burn

They have the best judgement

Or so I thought

I never had the guts

To think otheriwse