Heavenly Dragon is the self Titled Album of the Virtual Nu-Metal Band, Heavenly Dragon, produced by the main singer and frontman, Dustin Kelly. The Album was recorded mainly at Dustin Kelly's house in Phoenix, Arizona, other parts were recorded in an old Warehouse that became known as Dragon Studios.

The Album has been considered by many "The Revival of Nu-Metal", "The Second Coming of Linkin Park" and "A Throwback to the Early 2000's Rock Scene.

Track ListingEdit

   No.          Title                                                       Writer(s)                              Length

  1.        Revival                                                    Dustin Kelly, Zak Matthews        5:23
  2.        If You Can't Take The Heat                        Dustin Kelly, Zak Matthews        2:31
  3.        Don't Get Me Started                                Dustin Kelly                              3:57
  4.        Riverline                                                  Dustin Kelly                              2:32
  5.        Painful Demise                                         Dustin Kelly                              4:00
  6.        Survival                                                   Dustin Kelly                              2:48
  7.        Relapse                                                   Zak Matthews                           4:12
  8.        Rivalry feat. Asteroid Boys                        Dustin Kelly, Traxx                    2:55
  9.        Turn The Page                                          Dustin Kelly, Zak Matthews       4:05
  10.        Jaded                                                      Zak Matthews, Junko Yamazaki 3:36    
  11.        Done With It                                             Dustin Kelly                              3:10
  12.        Tribute                                                     Dustin Kelly                              5:08

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