Evolution is the final studio album by Backstabber.

Cover Artwork Edit

The artwork features a picture of a teenaged girl (Stacey McAfee) on her knees, shirtless and hunched over. The booklet doubles as a flip book and when used, it shows the girl transforming into a dragon like monster and flying off.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Intro (1:02)
  2. Bush Burning (2:03)
  3. Everybody's Guilty (2:34)
  4. Love the Record, Fuck the People (3:56)
  5. Life is Good (Featuring Darryl Costanzo, Chad Kroeger, Pete Loeffler and Doug Robb) (3:25)
  6. Kid Shit (2:43)
  7. After the Powder Rush (3:04)
  8. Reds (2:45)
  9. Poison in the System (3:46)
  10. Evolution (5:06)

Reception Edit

The album received mixed to positive reviews.