Dysfunction is My Friend is the lead single from A.D.I.M.A.H.'s breakthrough album Anger Evocation Seminar. It is considered to be their flagship single.

Style Edit

The song employs various speed changes. The chorus is slow while the rest of the song is fast. Trina has admitted to being inspired by System of a Down's debut album for this song. At the start of the song, a quote from the show Titus is heard (the lead character saying "My mom is CRA-ZAY!".) Non-album releases feature a quiet bass guitar intro.

The song is notable for featuring music that originally appeared in an old song by System of a Down. Wanting to avoid a lawsuit, the band talked to SOAD about the song and they agreed to let them release the song as long as they receive credit. Royalties for the song are distributed equally to both bands.

Meaning Edit

The song touches upon dysfunctional families. Trina claims that while dysfunction is never worth living through, it could make one wiser, and could inspire them to pursue their own path. Trina also makes fun of functional families, claiming they they're dead set on an established path.

Music Video Edit

The video centers on a emo boy who is constantly dealing with his more typical family. He runs away from home and joins a group of emos/goths who have been through a similar fate. The band is performing the song beneath a bridge at night time. The video concludes when the kids look through the window of the boy's family, who're oblivious to what has happened.

Lyrics Edit

[verse 1]

My path's plagued by destructible obstructs

We share the world, we will never be hell-chucked

Five splits have left me, completely ungrounded

Obligations would not leave me unfounded









A functional nation

Gives me indigestion


Don't want to see it through their eyes

(normal has never existed)

Don't want to reach the gnarled teeth

(go one way and never back out again)

Don't want to rot within the trench

(dysfunction is my friend)

I live a life without function!

[verse 2]





That's all you strive for

Blinded in seconds





Experience made me wise

You never saw the world

Once you reach it you'd surely die


Perfection leads to madness

Following actions bring sadness

Bet you wished you grabbed the bottle

Could've lessened all the trouble

A functional nation

Gives me indigestion

You'll never know the world

Once you do you'd surely die


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