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Door #2 is the first single released by A.D.I.M.A.H. It appeared on their demo album How Could You Mind if You Don't Have One?, but was later remixed, re-released in 2002 and put on Majority Rules.

Meaning Edit

Fans have interpreted the song as a rebellious anthem. Trina has gone on to claim that the song satirizes songs that evoke rebellion, and claims that it serves as a warning that rebels would take the lyrics in angsty songs so literally that they'd engage in criminal activity. Throughout the song, there're defamatory comments geared toward Michael Moore, Rage Against the Machine and Janeane Garofalo, those who've been affiliated with the Communist party by some means.

Structure Edit

Trina admitted to taking inspiration from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Filter and Hum. The song features a mellow beat that gets heavier toward the end, and distorted vocals, ending with a climatic 15 second scream. Later versions have the vocals drop in tone and end with a sample of the last half of the music from the Gutterballs scene in The Big Lebowski.

Video Edit

Released in 2000, the video is based on a scene from the film Tales from the Hood. A man is restrained on a table and is forced to watch footage of the band performing the song against epileptic scenery. The room he's in flashes along with the video and the video ends with the man waking up in bed, implying that what happened was only a dream.

This video was never aired on television.


  • This is used as a walk-up song for Chicago Cubs Outfielder Jon Jay.