Released 2017
Recorded 2016-2017
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Length 31 minutes
Label Geffen, DCide, Nontroversial, Brain Suck IND
DiRT (abbreviation for "Dying in Real Time) is A.D.I.M.A.H.'s latest studio album, released on January 5th of 2017. It was released by Brain Suck IND. (the band's vanity label) Hidden Driveway's subsidiary label Nontroversial Records and DCide Records (in cooperation with Geffen Records). The album is notable for being the first instance where the band returns to their roots in the metalcore genre.

Artwork Edit

The artwork was part of a contest arranged by the band. In it, it features various kids and teenagers passed out in a dirt yard (the band modified this to include themselves)

Known SongsEdit

  1. Vision (featuring Ken Starr)
  2. From the Scripts
  3. Instant
  4. Compromise
  5. Artificial Orfice
  6. Playback
  7. 11th Level
  8. Taking Back the Rock
  9. No Chance

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