Demo 2000 is a very early demo released in late 1999 (contrary to the title.) by A.D.I.M.A.H. under a shell label they formed to release it. The cassette contains four tracks (two on each side) with one containing two original tracks, and the other containing two covers. No singles were released from the album, but a music video was shot as a test project for Jim Morales, who'd serve as the band's director for their videos.

Availability Edit

Due to the band having little faith in this recording, only 100 copies were made, making this an extremely rare recording. It was only available during early tours with Evidence and The Faculty, where attendees would have to sign a form to obtain them after the show. It was also available via mail order for a five dollar fee for a very brief period of time.

Their covers of Quote Unquote and Push it have been played live various times, and Worms has turned up as a B-side for Think of Another Life, but All Day I'm Mad as Hell remained exclusive to the demo until it was included on the rarities compilation Coyote Sez.

According to most sources, the demo was released on trial-colored 7" vinyl and on cassette. The latter is the most common, with at least images of the tape surfacing online, while the vinyl is even more rare, with 10 copies rumored to exist (according to Ashley, this was because of Trina suggesting that a cassette copy would be their best option for submission)

Artwork Edit

The artwork for the vinyl copies varied depending on where they're acquired. Copies acquired at concerts featured a plain sleeve with serial numbers printed on the front, while mail order copies featured a picture of a band tacked onto a mesh sleeve.

The cassette artwork is even harder to come by. Found copies weren't even present in a protective case (and the tapes themselves were blank with the title, band name and label alias written on the front. According to the band, the tape was in fact sold in a case and even had a J card, which featured a masked ax wielding man getting ready to decapitate another man. The tape went without artwork not because of pressure from marketers, but rather to avoid an image dispute with Cattle Decapitation.

Track Listing Edit

Side A Edit

  1. Quote Unquote (Mr. Bungle cover) (2:42)
  2. Pretty Noose (Soundgarden cover) (4:12)

Side B Edit

  1. All Day I'm Mad as Hell (4:02)
  2. Worms (3:42)