Cynistr was a nu metal band formed in 2000. Ashley Morrow and Amy Gillis were members of the band, and they often played alongside A.D.I.M.A.H. in the period. It was the brainchild of Trina Riffin who wanted to try her hand at producing. Darryl Costanzo and Jim Morales aided her and worked with Cynistr during their tenure. After two releases, the project ended, with Morales, Costanzo and Riffin citing creative difficulty as a major factor for the breakup.

Members Edit

  • Courtlin Mendle (vocals)
  • Malessica Fench (keyboard)
  • Ashley Morrow (lead guitar guitar)
  • Kimby Grusso (bass)
  • Amy Gillis (drums)

Albums Edit

Reception Edit

The band has only released two singles from any of their releases, and only one of them charted.