Climax is a song that appears on Open Access. A rough-cut version of this song previously appeared on Huh?.

Music Video Edit

In spite of not getting released as a commercial single, a music video was made by the band prior to its inclusion on Open Access, directed by Chad Dickson. The video features Darryl Costanzo at a batting cage, mouthing the lyrics. Ken Redgrove could be seen exploring an abandoned house, a claymation version of Justin Cavilero appears in a white room and frantically searches for an exit, and Chad Dickson appears, playing on a tree stump. Ken runs towards a door shrouded in darkness, Justin disappears in a red haze and a CGI eagle snatches Chad. A woman (referenced in the lyrics) approaches Darryl, who knocks her head off with his bat. The three join Darryl and they walk off.