Can't See Myself is the second single from A.D.I.M.A.H.'s demo album How Could You Mind if You Don't Have One? The song was never re-issued.

Meaning Edit

The song centers on uncertainty and a loss of identity.

Video Edit

The video was a mix between early-CGI and greyscale hand-drawn backgrounds. It focuses on a girl (Darlie Barton) who attempts to befriend a bully, only to get pushed aside and harmed. She turns into a monster and the song begins. The video features Darlie slowly wandering the halls as the walls bleed and everyone near her dies. Meanwhile, the band is performing the song in front of a burning movie theater as various patrons enter the building. The bully attempts to escape her, only to get caught and decomposed by her grip. The video ends with the bully awakening beneath the tree, with everything happening only being a bad dream. Upon seeing Darlie, the bully smiles and wants to be her friend, much to Darlie's joy. The video ends as the two kids exit the building and we pan to the walls which are seeping blood.