Bulac was a record label formed by Evidence frontman Darryl Costanzo to maintain loyalty rights on the band's releases. It was formed in 1999 and became fully active in 2000. The label has also released music for bands such as The Faculty and A.D.I.M.A.H., and served as a start-up label for various independent bands. The name of the label is a combination of the names of Buick and Cadillac. Genres include nu metal, alternative metal, heavy metal, doom metal, industrial metal, metalcore, punk rock and alternative rock.

Acquisition and Reorganizing Edit

In 2012, the label was acquired by Susie Carmichael and reorganized into a pop-oriented group. They also took over Evidence and fired The Faculty and A.D.I.M.A.H.. The former broke off completely while A.D.I.M.A.H. went on hiatus.