Bleeding Out the Years is the lead single from Backstabber's Faces in the Crowd.

Meaning Edit

The song was based on a recurring dream Roger Klotz had a year prior. In each dream, his estranged grand uncle would visit him and his family and as the dreams went on, the grand uncle would appear more sickly, even winding up in a wheelchair. After having a dream where the grand uncle dies, Roger stops having the dream.

Song Structure Edit

The song starts with some faint bass strumming, before breaking into a heavy guitar riff. Each verse becomes progressively heavier and darker as the song progresses before ending on a loud drum tap and Roger quietly stating the last line in the song.

Reviewers have compared Roger's vocals to those of Jonathan Davis of Korn, noting that they're indistinguishable.

Music Video Edit

The video acts as a retelling of the song, word for word. It features Roger's grand uncle (played by Andy Griffith), visiting him and within each progressive visit becomes more frail and weak. The video ends with Roger visiting a crypt where he was buried, revealing that he died. The video is intercut with footage of the band playing in the woods.