Backstabber is an alternative metal band that was formed in 1991. It was originally known as Roger and the Ulcers, but it was changed in 1998.

Members Edit

  • Roger Klotz: Lead Vocals
  • Boomer Bledsoe: Lead guitar
  • Ned Capuche: Bass guitar
  • Willie White: Drums
  • Lars Anderson: Rhythm Guitar
  • Amie McAfee: Mascot (2002-2007) (deceased)

History Edit

The band's roots traced as far back as 1991, when the members took part in a school talent show. Roger Klotz had no interest in making a full-time band, so the group disbanded after the show took place. After graduating, Klotz decided to revive the band after becoming uncertain of his future. The band recorded their first album in 1997, which was released independently and given out during small gigs.

In spite of their successful promotional single Strike!, the album received unfavorable reviews. The band then went on to record their first EP. Unlike their previous release which was rooted in punk rock, the songs were predominantly sludge metal songs. No singles were released from the album, but it did receive attention from Darryl Costanzo of Black Sedan, who agreed to sign them to his record label. Ever since the signing and some productive recording sessions, a musical bond was formed between Roger and Darryl. Their next EP, Wasted, received favorable reviews, and it prompted them to record their next full album in 2001, which became their flagship album.

In 2003, the band signed to SST Records and have recorded with them since. Their newer songs haven't received regular radio airplay due to the subject matter, but nevertheless, the band has developed a loyal following and they have toured with Black Sedan on a yearly basis.

Releases Edit

XeGolm Edit

Since 2002, the band has adopted their own mascot, a teenage girl who wears a fly head who passes as XeGolm. XeGolm has appeared on the bands releases and has appeared on stage with the band as well. XeGolm is played by Amie McAfee, who originally appeared on the cover for Rent wearing the mask. She originally did it as a favor to Klotz, but due to her growth in notoriety, she has appeared on all releases by the band. In 2006, following the shooting of a Duality parody, she along with the crowd present at the shoot fell through the floor. Amie was fatally wounded after her body came in contact with a glass cabinet. After her death, Backstabber went on hiatus. Evolution is dedicated to her memory.