Black Sedan posted a fan-made music video for Aerials by System of a Down on their MySpace profile in 2009 and released it to YouTube and their Facebook fan page two months later. The video pays homage to the video for Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden and it was directed by Chad Dickson.

Video Edit

The video features Black Sedan playing the song against a dark sky. As the video progresses, their bodies become more distorted and the sky gets darker. Clips of the band performing are mixed with a storyline that continues from another music video the band made prior for Unsung by Helmet. The main character from the video is seen riding in a limo with her friends before jumping out of the vehicle, getting rid of her possessions and attempting to escape before getting hit by a car and dying with a smile on her face. Along with the storyline, there're additional clips of characters that also corresponded with previous videos, and the people featured appear at the end of the video to see what happened.

  • A trio of girls in a dim-lit room mugging at a hidden camera.
  • Four boys wandering aimlessly in a deserted village.
  • Four other boys riding bikes in the woods looking for someone.
  • A boy and his girlfriend waiting behind a counter at a donut shop.
  • Three boys watching television (brief cuts show that they're watching static)
  • A group of kids sitting in what appears to be a classroom.
  • A girl wandering a country road with brief cuts to an argument she had with her boyfriend prior.