Meaning Edit

The inspiration for the song came right after the conviction of actor Michael Jace, as well as a chance meeting between Michael Chiklis and Jim Morales. It pokes fun at the irony of the characters they played on The Shield conflicting with who they are for real.


Key: C#/Db

The tip was late

Gone like a cough


Doesn't seem to rub off

You never had that much to lose

It didn't even span the news

And you're doing 40 to life

All because of your own greed

You had to go and shoot your wife!

I'm not a saint, but I'm not bad [x2]

Always the pessimist

And the misogynist

You run for cover when you're facing the damn pacifist!

You shut the blinds

Hide behind your wall

Shut out the f-----g truth

But trust me I have seen it all

I'm not a saint, but I'm not bad [x2]

Your life

Worth not the trigger

Blind to the odds

They always shoot the n-----

She couldn't run that fast

Know at the same time

That her flesh account

Would soon fall way out of line

I'm not a saint, but I'm not bad [x2]


The concern faded

When I donned the

Label of the damned

Have your ever thought

The face of decit

Was the way to salvation

Have you ever thought

The proper thinker

Was destined to walk down

[spoken word]

You aint leaving me


I'm not a saint, I'm just plain bad [x2]

I shot the b---- [x8]

[guitar and drum solo]

OH S---!

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